More About Master Waysun Liao

Learn from a Real Taoist Master

Welcome to the streaming video channel of Master Waysun Liao. Master Liao is the only person remaining today who delivers the teachings and wisdom from centuries of Taoist masters who knew and passed down the true power and potential of Taichi and how to connect that energy to the power of Tao.

And now that legacy is available to everyone, from any and all walks of life! Whether you are a beginner, an advanced Taichi enthusiast, or a professional-level instructor, Master Waysun Liao’s teaching will enrich and empower your practice. No matter what Taichi style you’ve learned or study now, tips and tools from Master Waysun Liao will help you feel, flow and strengthen your Chi energy.

From the age of twelve, Master Waysun Liao studied with a wandering Taoist and in a Taoist temple until he became a full Taichi and Tao master. Considered one of the world’s foremost authorities on traditional Taoist wisdom and Chi arts, he is the founder and master of one of the oldest Taichi centers in North America, the Taichi Tao Center, which is located in Oak Park, Illinois. It remains Master Liao’s worldwide teaching headquarters, and the only source for this direct and exclusive teaching in the entire world.

Master Waysun Liao is the last and only living Tao master today who carries and transmits the ancient oral traditions concerning the power of Tao, and exclusive critical practice methods for developing Chi power. That’s why so many other taichi instructors, learning centers, martial arts masters, spiritual teachers, and taichi group leaders around the world for years, and especially today, claim him as their master and call him “Grandmaster.” They see the unlimited potential within this wisdom and the amazing benefits in learning Taichi through Master Liao, and want to claim a part of that powerful legacy! The good news is that now everyone can, including you!

You Deserve to Learn From the Source

For years, Master Liao shared his wisdom with students across the world through classes, videos, books, and seminars on Taichi and Tao teachings. More recently, this video channel sponsored by the Taichi Tao Center makes it possible for anyone in the world to become a student of Master Waysun Liao through streaming video instruction. Our teaching materials are embraced and loved by a wide variety of Taichi groups in North America, South America, Central America, Europe, and Asia. 

When you’re the home of the authentic source and living master who is the last and only living transmitter in a long tradition, there is a responsibility. Everyone in the world deserves to learn directly from that source. In fact, the Taichi Tao Center and are the only places on earth bringing you the full authentic teachings directly from Master Waysun Liao and passed down for centuries in this very special lineage. We’re honored and proud to bring this unique and exclusive teaching to you so that you can learn first-hand, just like students at the Taichi Tao Center have for fifty years!