1 HR CLASS: Guided Moving Meditation - BEGINNER

01:00:00 - Experience a beginner level one hour class led by Master Waysun Liao. This Guided Moving Meditation class talks you through simple meditative movements as you follow along. We left the full hour intact with no breaks in the video stream so you can experience it as a student would by following along. 

You’ll work with the power of nine repetitions, just as they did in the temples of old. Meditating along with Master Liao you’ll learn how to expand your energy field to pull in the power of sky and heaven energy. Through every phase of the meditation session, Master Liao will guide you in how to harmonize your breathing with your feeling and motion for best results. You will want to replay this again and again, any time you wish to have a deep, powerful and re-energizing meditation session.

You'll start with Preparation Form and then move into forming and Holding Taichi Ball. Then flow into lifting that Taichi Ball Up and Down, Charge-Up Form and Drain, Push Form, Compress Taichi Ball Meditation then Split Palms into Fire Flame Palm.

This video was recorded at a live seminar in St. Pete Beach, Florida and can be found on our DVDs "Moving Meditation Part Two - Four Disc Set."