INTERVIEW: The Influence of Spiritual Dimensions on Human Life

Have you ever wondered if spiritual dimensions and beings, or things like evil and angels are real? If they are real, can they affect our human life? In the traditions of Taoism, Buddhism, and most other major world religions, the answer is "yes."

In this one-of-a-kind streaming video program, you'll learn how a Taoist master views the impact of spiritual forces on our human lives and on our world. Master Waysun Liao discusses the spiritual levels that impact our human dimension -- including how they can leave their mark before birth and affect where we go after death.

With two and a half hours of video organized in 38 convenient chapters, this course captures a closed teaching session between Master Liao and a small group of students. Gain important spiritual understanding as Master Liao explains what makes us vulnerable to evil and how we can avoid the influence of evil. You'll learn more about the role, characteristics, and mission of angels in the world. You'll learn how karma -- or past life actions -- can affect us in our relationships and life challenges. You'll learn more about how heaven and hell play into the overall picture of human life both now and after death.

Master also explores teachings of Jesus and Buddha, in addition to the Tao wisdom of Lao Tzu, to illustrate how each major religion tried to teach similar truths. The course closes with recommended reading assignments - the five core historic texts from several world religions that Master Liao assigns all his students as fundamental to their understanding of Tao, God and the spiritual path.

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