COURSE: How to Enter The State of Taichi - ADVANCED

Most Taichi taught today is simplified Taichi. However, in the old days with the ancient masters, as students progressed they learned more and more detail. For example, to get the most out of Taichi, you must begin your practice by entering the State of Taichi. You cannot enter this state through physical posture alone. You must be able to integrate correct meditation, Chi awareness and Chi flow, and connect and integrate everything you do with your Dan Tian.

Most traditional practice begins with a Taichi Bow and several minutes meditating in Preparation form. Master Liao dissects each of these forms in great detail, the way they were taught in ancient lineages so that you can reach the state of connection with your internal energy before you even start your Taichi practice.

This class was originally recorded in 2011 during a gathering of Master Liao’s most advanced students and instructors for instructor training at the Taichi Tao Center.

These videos are also contained on the DVD of the same name, "How to Enter the State of Taichi."