COURSE: How to Find and Use Taichi Ball in Other Forms - INTERMEDIATE

About Taichi Ball in Other Taichi Forms

A true Taichi master never loses her Taichi Ball no matter what form she does! Since every form or posture in Taichi has one or more Taichi Balls within its power structure, it's important to be able to identify where your Taichi Ball is in whatever form you do.

About This Course

In this course, Master Liao will show you how Taichi Ball shows up in many different forms, and how to tap into the power of a single Taichi Ball, or a split Taichi Ball in several key postures. Periodically, Master Liao will challenge you, “Where’s your Taichi Ball?” Did you keep that feeling? Or did you lose it? Walk step-by-step through the powerful Single Whip and Split postures, and see why remembering your Taichi Ball gives these two forms many dimensions and many possibilities.

This video was originally recorded at a live seminar with Master Waysun Liao in St. Pete Beach, Florida, and can be found in the DVD set, "Moving Meditation - Part Two."