Recorded at Master Waysun Liao’s “Chi Development” seminar 2009 in St. Petersburg, Florida, this video course is packed with specific instructions and details on moving energy in key Taichi single forms. Practice to go beyond physical precision and expand your ability to include energy precision for extra power.

Don’t just move through your Taichi like it’s a hollow ritual, practice each form for precision and power. Master Liao shows you the key to moving energy in Roll Back, Ward Off, Brush Knee and more! Explore how to move energy by moving Taichi Ball in several directions: forward, backward, side to side, Split Taichi Ball into two, and beaming outward and inward toward the center. Use Single Whip to expand your ability to grab and pull energy from any direction. 

Enjoy demonstrations of how this ability to move energy can easily unbalance an opponent and give you control.

Don’t settle for just moving your own energy, grab and pull the energy of the universe to help!

(NOTE: -Many of these videos were previously released as single videos here on, or as single form intensive courses -- so check your library before ordering this course, or check the search box to see if a single video is still available. The material can also be found on the DVD set,"How to Move Energy - 4 Disc Set.")