COURSE: How to Work with Three Energy Zones in Tao Gong Meditation - ADVANCED

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About the Three Energy Zones

Tao Gong means "Tao's Work," and includes deep meditative practice that takes your Taichi to another level. It's aim is nothing less than to connect you with both the Tao inside of you and the original energy of the universe beyond. To do that, one facet of Tao Gong training is to harmonize and flow between Earth, Sky and Human level energy.

Earth, Sky and Human level in Tao Gong meditation are represented by three energy zones within your body. Master Liao shows you the right way to feel and focus on these zones, both in standing meditation (Preparation), Inward Outward and Drain, as well as Taichi Ball.

About This Course

Even long-time advanced students of Master Waysun Liao remarked during this session that this was the first time that Master Liao had shared such exclusive details, and what a powerful difference the technique made in their sensation of Chi awareness

In addition, Master Liao injects short talks on lessons from Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching, as well as the criteria and purpose of Tao Gong meditation.

In addition to meditative and form instruction, you'll enjoy a quiet 20 minute practice session to follow along with Master Liao in the days and weeks during and after your course to reinforce what you've learned.

This course is the FIRST of three in a set of recordings from the 2018 Ultimate Internal Power Workshop in Williams Bay, Wisconsin. It is not required to view the other two courses from the same seminar, although if you like this course, you may also enjoy them: