COURSE: Taichi and the Martial Arts - Part 3 - ADVANCED

About Part Three

In this section, you'll learn why you shouldn't be fooled by the many different styles of Taichi. Real Taichi relies on key principles of moving meditation. Style is merely a function of changes in stance, frame and speed. For true power, you must combine physical, mental and spiritual level practice, and always keep flowing.

About This Course Series
This unique course series gives critical practice principles to help you develop the ability to project your internal power to affect another person. Through lecture and demonstration, Master Liao shows how a martial artist can use Chi instead of strength, size, or speed to manage an opponent, how correct two-person practice can hone one’s abilities just like sharpening a knife, and the power of group or circle meditation practice for purifying and strengthening Chi.

This course is part of a series and taken from a vintage recording from a live seminar in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and can be found on the DVDs, "Taichi and the Martial Arts - 10 Disc Set."

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