COURSE: Two-Person Hollow Fist Training - INTERMEDIATE

About Two-Person Hollow Fist Training

Single Hand Push is not the only form we use for two-person practice (sometimes called "Pushing Hands.") Virtually any single form in Taichi can be practiced in a two-person format. 

The overall goal in two-person training is not to develop a coordinated choreography, neither is it to overpower your partner with physical technique or force. The purpose of two-person practice is to develop sensitivity to the feeling of energy outside of your body (including the energy of and within your practice partner), to learn how to respond to that feeling, to strengthen your energy through flowing your Chi properly, and to develop the ability to transmit a Jing signal to your opponent and use energy too drive your two-person practice form. Hollow Fist Training is a specialized form that you can use with a practice partner, or on your own, to accomplish all of the above. It alternately uses one empty palm and one hollow fist both of which can be used to either sense energy from or transmit energy to your practice partner.

About This Course

This course is strongly recommended for those who are avid about two-person practice, and those who are Taichi martial art enthusiasts. It is also a great course for instructors and those who run Taichi classes or schools as it will give you a very powerful and engaging new exercise to introduce to a group for paired practice. 

These videos were filmed at a Taichi seminar in Tucson, and can be found on the DVDs "Hollow Fist Training - 2 Disc Set."