COURSE: Group Bagua Oven Practice to Build Jing Power - INTERMEDIATE

About the Course
Do you have a small group of friends who practice Taichi or Qigong? Are you an instructor or master of a Taiichi, QGong, or another type of moving meditation group? 

Or are you on your own, but want to learn the many different practice techniques you can use to amplify your feeling of Chi and learn to build a Jing energy signal that can transmit beyond your own body and be felt by others?

This course is for you! Join Master Waysun Liao and a group of advanced students as they work with circle meditation in a group setting. By aiming the group's meditative focus collectively into the center of the circle, many participants learn to feel their Chi for the first time. The group's signal compounds and creates a stronger energy ball in the center that members of the group can use as feedback to see if together they are successfully creating a Jing signal.

Ideally, this practice should be done with 8 people, so that you can form a "Bagua Oven" to cover all directions. However, any group of 3 or more will work for group circle meditation practice.

About the Recording
This course is part of a series and taken from a vintage recording from a live seminar in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and can be found on the DVDs,"Taichi and the Martial Arts - 10 Disc Set." That's why we include it as a bonus item on the online bundle "Taichi and the Martial Arts."

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