INTERVIEW: How to Raise Your Energy Frequency with Taichi and Qigong

Why are Taichi and Qigong more than just exercise? They have the power to repair and raise human energy frequency! Moving meditation in Taichi and Qigong is so valuable because it defends against negativity on an energy level. Taichi and QiGong not only resolve the damage to our energy from everyday life, they also repair the bad signals leftover from our energy's use in previous lives, and return our energy to a more pure and original state. 

By raising our energy frequency closer to its pure and original state, Taichi and Qigong are profound tools that enable us to connect with the original energy of the universe and bring us to our highest potential.

Join Master Waysun Liao in this pivotal interview led by the late astrophysicist Dr. David DeYoung.

This video is originally from the DVD series "How to Connect Chi and Tao - 9 DVD and CD Set."


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