INTERVIEW: Removing Barriers to Good Health with Chi Work

How does the condition of your Chi affect your health? Is there a relationship between past lives or "recycled energy" and your health today?  How can we dissolve blockages that prevent us from enjoying the highest level of health and wellness possible for us?

Master Liao answers these questions in another pivotal interview with theoretical astrophysicist, David DeYoung, Ph.D.

You'll learn that simply having more Chi or stronger Chi isn't enough -- Chi carries a message within its energy and a "signal" that can vary in quality. Learn why achieving a purer signal and correcting wrong messages held inside your Chi is also important. This means that practice to make your Chi clean is just as important as making it strong.

This interview is one of a series recorded at the Taichi Tao Center in 2011 in several meetings between Dr. DeYoung and Master Liao. These interviews are also available in the DVD set "How to Connect Chi and Tao."