"Taichi-Connect" | Online Taichi Class: Chi Flow, Long Hand Short Hand 5.18.2020

In this class held 5/18/2020, you'll follow along with our chief instructor, Master Bob in a quiet Chi Flow session, followed by instruction in the Taichi form Long Hand Short Hand


With the social distancing and temporary suspension of classes at the Taichi Tao Center due to Covid-19, we're launching "Taichi-Connect," so that Taichi students and beginners around the world can enjoy online Taichi classes. You'll gain amazing Taichi instruction directly from Senior Taichi Master instructors from the Taichi Tao Center. 

After going live, we'll post the recordings here so that students who miss the live sessions can follow along in sequence at their convenience. Right now during our BETA testing, we are limiting online participants in the live classes to our local group. We will be offering admission to the live courses to everyone soon. Meanwhile, we are posting the recordings so that everyone can enjoy them.



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About Master Bob

In 1966, at the age of fifteen, Bob Krzemienski began his studies of martial arts and meditation. During his years of training, he realized there were missing pieces and contradictions in what was being taught. He searched for that which was missing. After meeting Master Waysun Liao, Bob realized that Master Liao was the gateway to connecting with true ability. He has studied under Master Liao from that point to the present. Through Master Liao, he has met and trained with several Taichi, Taoist and Chinese medicine masters. Teaching under Master Liao since 1976, Master Bob is Master Liao’s Senior Taichi Master Instructor, at the Taichi Tao Center in Oak Park, Illinois.


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