"Taichi-Connect" | Online Taichi Class: Chi Flow Session, Changing Directions in Single Hand Push 3.23.2020

With the social distancing and temporary suspension of classes at the Taichi Tao Center due to Covid-19, we're launching "Taichi-Connect," so that Taichi students and beginners around the world can enjoy online Taichi classes. You'll gain amazing Taichi instruction directly from Senior Taichi Master instructors from the Taichi Tao Center. 

After going live, we'll post the recordings here so that students who miss the live sessions can follow along in sequence at their convenience. Right now during our BETA testing, we are limiting online participants in the live classes to our local group. We will be offering admission to the live courses to everyone soon. Meanwhile, we are posting the recordings so that everyone can enjoy them.

In this kick-off class, you'll follow along with our chief instructor, Master Bob, who has studied and taught directly under Master Liao for close to 50 years. In this recording, a typical guided Chi Flow session -- with verbal cues and tips on each movement and transition -- is followed by detailed instructions on changing direction in Single Hand Push.

NOTE: Our first BETA testing classes have some interference here and there with the microphone. We hope to have this corrected soon, thanks!



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