VINTAGE COURSE: Learn Taichi with Master Waysun Liao - Lesson 5 - BEGINNER


You'll learn the forms Right and Left Holding Taichi Ball, as well as Move Forward Right and Left Holding Taichi Ball. These forms will occur again and again in full or in part within the long form that you will learn in the future. They are also very powerful to plug into your daily practice to develop power and feeling in your "Taichi Ball." You'll find lots of other videos on Taichi Ball forms on this site -- each one giving valuable tools and tips to cultivate Chi through variations of Taichi Ball practice.


Are you looking for a tried and true method for learning Taichi? Welcome to our oldest collection of videos, which have always been and always will be our best seller! Hundreds of students, just like you, have begun their lifetime journey of Taichi through learning the forms you will learn in this course. 

Why? Because in these, Master Waysun Liao shows you step by step how to do each and every single form in Taichi, as well as how to string them together into a Taichi Long Form.

This is the classic series, and these are the forms, that dozens of masters across the world started their own Taichi training with, and what they use today to teach in their classes, centers, and schools. 

They're old, they're nostalgic, but you will never find a better set of instructional videos on how to learn Taichi than these. That's why, when we launched this video channel, these were the most requested videos our fans wanted us to upload.

Filmed on location at the Taichi Tao Center in 1983, each video shows detailed instructions on how to move, how to stand, breathing, body positioning, and transitioning to other forms. Our instructors and students worldwide use these videos as the definitive reference for how each posture and form is correctly done. It settles many arguments!

Even if you already have the DVD set "Single Form Series - 12 Disc Set," you will enjoy having handy access to these videos wherever you are on your phone or tablet.

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