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Whether you are a beginner, an advanced Taichi enthusiast, or a professional-level instructor, Master Waysun Liao's teaching will enrich and empower your practice. No matter what Taichi style you've learned or study now, tips and tools from Master Waysun Liao will help you feel, flow and strengthen your Chi energy. Hear what some of our satisfied students have to say:

“I've been practicing Taichi for 13 years...I'm thrilled to have discovered this material. It's exactly what I've been looking for."
Steve W.
University Professor
“ I started Taichi years ago and studied at other locations. The teaching from Master Liao has surpassed my expectations. It allowed me to attain a level I never thought possible."
Richard G.
"Master Liao's teachings have impacted my health in amazing ways, along with my outlook and approach toward life. His sincerity, expertise and wisdom are a rare treasure."
Sophia T.
Senior Corporate Finance Director

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Direct Authentic Transmission

Our teachings are recordings of live classes from a real Tao master delivered to real students in a real way. Our video collection is part of our mission to preserve priceless teachings for those who choose quality of information over commercial studio products .

Our Dedicated Community

Learn alongside a global classroom of students and professional Taichi instructors. Share the privilege and feel the focus when you, like us, are committed to learning the most authentic and traditional Tao wisdom and Taichi training methods from a real Tao Master.

Total Immersion

Our videos, along with seminars, books, onsite classes and your own personal practice, give you the closest experience of real temple study. Replay Master Liao's teachings over and over, and at different stages of your Taichi journey for deeper understanding.

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Master Waysun Liao's books are available in print or as e-books from major online bookstores such as Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes Bookstore.

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