Testimonials and Praise

...for programs by Master Waysun Liao and Taichitao.tv

“I began Tai Chi classes with Master Liao to regain my flexibility and range of motion. After just weeks, I felt much stronger. The added benefit was that I felt much less stress and more clear of spirit and mind.”

Terry M.

"I find myself learning more with the live online classes than in person. Master Bob is simply a fantastic instructor."

Matt K.

"Thank you for your guidance, support, and your open heart. Feeling blessed to have the chance to hear you transmit Taiji spirit and lifestyle."

Laurie-Anne L.

“I just purchased the Long Hand Short Hand video course. Combining Sunday Zoom classes and a detailed video course is very productive. It provides a focus for my training. With the Zoom classes, I can study, contemplate, and apply the lessons with greater depth.”

John T.

“An incredible experience. Authentic and unparalleled."

Dr. Juan B.

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Hear What More Taichitao.tv Students and Viewers Say:

Teachings are a Lifeline

"I've been studying and practicing Tai Chi and Qigong since 1994, and I had a fascination/obsession with it for reasons I felt but couldn't understand or articulate. When I met Master Liao and began working with his videos and books, I felt like the cosmos had thrown me a lifeline. That is a blessing. I feel so lucky." 

- Steve W.

Improvement in Health Conditions

"Words cannot express how much I have benefited from these sessions. I have stage four orthopedic conditions and am facing a not-so-certain future. I am noticing a tremendous improvement in my conditions along with my Tai Chi since beginning classes with Master Liao and Master Bob."

-William J.

Ready for Real Qi Teaching

“When I started to learn Tai Chi, I was trying to find out what this 'qi' was, how it felt, and how to feel it... I searched and had different teachers, and a whole lot of forms and exercises. None were able to tell me about the 'qi', or I couldn't grasp it (yet), or I was not ready for it. It seems the right time now, and I seem to be ready. I am grateful."

-Jolanda S.

Deep Insight and New Perspective

"I have been practicing Tai Chi since 1989 and I have been a lifelong martial artist, including BJJ, Kenpo, and MMA. Master Liao has given me deep insight into Tai Chi and has allowed new perspective. Thank you, Master Liao!"

- Dr. Kelly C.

Eye-Opening and Challenging

"My first class was eye-opening. I've practiced Tai Chi (CMC and Wu style) for years and this was one of the most mentally challenging classes I've taken. My neurological system was processing so much."

- Allan Y.

Traditional and Authentic

“Master Liao is a living legend. His books and videos gave a chart to me for sailing on uncharted waters. I never imagined that I would be able to learn such traditional and authentic Taichi training in the USA.”

-Norio M.

Chi is Real - Not Imagination!

“The most important lesson for me in learning with Master Liao is that Chi is real and not a figment of my imagination, and it has a real effect on the human body. I am more than who or what I think I am."

-Father Walter D.

Most Meditative

"I have practiced Chen and Temple styles of Taichi. Master Liao's is the most meditative. I do not recommend doing many styles; it's like digging many wells without reaching water."

-Mark P.

Taichi Keeps Giving

“I have been training in this system for nineteen years now and it keeps giving. I could never have imagined the positive impact it has on my daily life. I will be forever grateful for all the knowledge I have received."

-Michael B.

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"Dimension One by Master Liao leads you step by step in the understanding of the nothingness that creates all forms and is the true intelligence in everything. It is hard to stop reading once you start for you want to get to the truth! The simple but nuanced concepts through which Master Liao transports us to the very core of existence is mind blowing!" Prema Peethambaram, Amazon