COURSE: Advanced Theory of Internal Work (Neigong) Part One - ADVANCED


Now that you've completed "An Introduction to Neigong, or Internal Work" in our Intermediate learning level, you are ready to dig deeper into what the ancient Taoists were trying to achieve with their meditation and energy practice.  They were working toward no less than transcending the boundaries of life and death.

In their work, the old monks discovered the architecture of our being. They discovered the integral relationships between our body, mind and spirit, and at the root of all these -- our "Te."

The discovered that at the most basic level of our being is a piece of the universal energy, around which our entire spirit, mind and body depend on to stay a cohesive whole in this dimension. Master Liao breaks down with diagrams and explanation, what these key pieces of our being are, and how they relate to each other and the Te.

More importantly, Master explains why the ancient Taoists considered Te so important, and how they saw it as the passage through the gateways of birth and death to other dimensions -- the dimension we existed in before our birth, and the dimension that awaits us after death. The ultimate goal of internal work is to travel through these gateways at will. That's why neigong was prized as a key to longevity and the miraculous power of spiritual travel, spiritual reading and more.

These talks appear on our DVD "Te: Beyond Birth and Death,"and are made available here for serious advanced students. The best reading material to complement parts 1 and 2 of this course is the book, "Nine Nights with the Taoist Master." 

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