COURSE: Advanced Theory of Internal Work (Neigong) Part Two - ADVANCED


After you've completed both our intermediate level course "An Introduction to Neigong, or 'Internal Work,'" plus our "Advanced Theory of Internal Work, Part One," you'll get the most out of this course.

You’ve already learned why, without practice and meditation, we are like candles destined to burn ourselves out. Learn how to conserve your “flame” and even restore and replenish your life energy.

When we are able to reach our Te, we are able to slip through the doorway of birth and death, and transcend the human dimension. We can reach the “backbone” energy of the universe, which is pure Tao. Each of us has this potential, but we cannot access this potential without thoroughly understanding the principles Master Liao presents.

Our neigong/internal work courses are legacy treasures that shine a bright light on the truth of Tao. They dispel the confusion surrounding the purpose of Taichi, “qigong,” “neigong,” inner alchemy and meditation, so that you don't waste valuable practice time, money and meditation effort leading to dead ends. With a clear understanding of your goal, your life can head in the right direction and reach the target.

These talks appear on our DVD"Te: Beyond Birth and Death," and are made available here for serious advanced students. The best reading material to complement parts 1 and 2 of this course is the book, "Nine Nights with the Taoist Master."

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