COURSE: Condensing Breathing - ADVANCED

We've combined our 5-part Condensing Breathing series into one course here, at the request and for the convenience of our students. 

In this advanced-level teaching, Master Liao diagrams the real method of condensing breathing and what it really means. Without this understanding, and without incorporating true condensing in your practice, you simply cannot advance in Chi applications such as martial arts or healing. 

In this course, you’ll learn which two directions are the most important, and why without them, the other six directions are meaningless. You’ll learn the difference between expanding in one direction versus expanding in eight directions versus moving the center in a direction — and when and why each is required. You’ll learn what “center” is and how to create “center” through the correct use of the eight directions. Master Liao discusses the power of our original energy when we were an embryo, and how we must go backward to return to that source of great power. But he not only explains why, he explains how. 

In this course, Master goes back to the teachings of Lao Tzu time and time again, to show how the Tao Te Ching is really teaching Taichi all the way through, but we have missed the correct interpretation. Finally, Master Liao reveals the secret of “broadcasting” energy, and what is required to make it happen. To apply this secret, you need the practice techniques contained on this course.

This material was originally recorded and found in our private invitation series DVD, "Real Method of Condensing and Using the Eight Directions."


COURSE: How Condensing Breathing Creates Jing Power