COURSE: How Condensing Breathing Creates Jing Power - ADVANCED

NOT AVAILABLE ON DVD - Condensing Breathing practice is your gateway to the power and treasures Taichi offers. In this course, Master Waysun Liao explains why condensing breathing is such a powerful exercise, and covers different ways to include it into your Taichi practice. 

You'll learn why it is the fastest way to strengthen and grow your Chi signal, and why it also is your tool to create the higher level frequency of Jing -- a force that can extend and be felt even outside of your own body.

For decades, students have begged for more teaching material from Master Liao on Condensing Breathing and Jing power. Through, we can finally answer that request!

Once you learn the principles of Condensing Breathing, you'll see why this is NOT just a tool to power up your martial art practice, but can be applied to healing, meditation, and spiritual development. You'll learn how to avoid common mistakes in Condensing Breathing that block your progress.

This course is a critical building block in our advanced material. This is the type of training you can only receive from a real Taoist and Taichi master, as it has been one of the power secrets saved for only the most dedicated students down through the centuries.


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