COURSE: Prepare to Transfer Power (an Intro to Fah Jing) - ADVANCED

For years, these videos were only available by private invitation.  Now they are available in this comprehensive 6-hour preparatory course on the Taichi application of "transferring power." Also called "fah jing," to transfer power means you have the ability to transfer an energy signal outside of your body for applications such as martial arts (Tai Chi Chuan) or healing.

The instructions are meant for advanced students who are ready to take the next step in using life energy for Chi application in sending a Jing signal beyond the limits of their own body. Master Liao demonstrates each principle with a clear view of body position and how to combine these principles for best effect.

The ability to transfer power is a milestone achievement in Taichi that requires more than just a video course to master. It requires extensive practice in energy building, mental focus, and the guidance of a true master. However, this course will put you well on your way toward your goal.

Filmed live in 2012 at a seminar in Tucson, this course features never-before recorded instructions for key steps in learning how to transfer power. The videos can also be found on the DVD set, "Prepare to Transfer Power."


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