COURSE: Restoring Your Life Energy - BEGINNER


If you liked Master Waysun Liao's book "Restoring Your Life Energy: Simple Chi Gung Practices to Reduce Stress and Enhance Well Being," you'll love this companion video course. However, you don't need to read the book to understand and apply the teachings in the videos. 

In it, Master Liao discusses key principles that link the state of our Chi to our degree of health and well being. More importantly, you'll get tips for the correct types of Qigong, or Taichi exercises and meditations that can strengthen your life energy and return your Chi to a state of harmony.

In addition to an engaging discussion recorded at a live seminar of advanced students from around the world, you'll also follow along to practice some of the Qigong (Chi Gong) exercises featured in the book. 

This course is one of the few you'll find with enlightening teachings on how meditative Taichi forms and specific meditative focus can help you increase your Chi to higher-frequency energy called "Jing" and restore your health and vitality. Whether you're interested in self-healing or whether you work in healing others, this information will be very valuable to you. An engaging talk from Master is followed by detailed meditative form practice.

We've also included a BONUS vintage video to demonstrate one of the energy cleaning forms from the book. Enjoy!

The majority of video content in this program can be found in DVD format in the "How to Restore Your Life Energy" set, but a few chapters were added from other collections.