VINTAGE - Complete Single Form Set

Single form practice, or "dan tsou" is the most effective way to gain Chi awareness and strengthen your Chi. Master Liao advises his students to build their practice around these meditative single forms.

These historic and archival videos were the first ever to document how to perform every single form that comprised the heart of this training style, and were filmed on location at the Taichi Tao Center in 1986. Re-edited and chaptered for your convenience, these timeless recordings are still the only ones of their kind on the market today.

Master Liao explains and demonstrates each form from several angles, and shows you how to combine them to perform each section of the Long Form. Chaptering makes it easy to find the form you need. The set also includes discs on two-person forms and meditation.

This series is perfect for beginners who need to learn the physical motion of the form, or for those new to the single form style. The entire set is divided into segments that correspond to the original VHS tapes and DVDs. The first segments present forms which are easier to learn, and progress into more difficult forms.

You can also purchase most of these videos separately, or in our "VINTAGE - Learn Taichi with Master Liao" courses, or in First, Second, or Third Section Combo programs. We are offering them here as a complete set. This contains all the single form content in the original VHS videos recorded in 1986. These videos may still be purchased on DVDs.