VINTAGE COURSE: Two Person Single Forms - ADVANCED


DISCLAIMER: Our apologies that the audio is very sub-par on these old videos. They are preserved for collectors and those who are committed to learning Master Waysun Liao's original teachings from the original source material.

These videos, from our original Single Form Series DVDs, are demonstrations of several two-person Taichi practice techniques. There are also a few videos demonstrating power transfer for martial arts application in different single forms. 

Master Liao demonstrates major two-person practice forms such as: Hands Attaching, Single Hand Push, Both Hands Push, Roll Hands, Four Forms and Ta Lu (dah-lee). Each practice is performed on both right and left sides with instructions on how to move forward and backward, attach and separate. The video concludes with a discussion and demonstration of transferring power (Fa Jing) in eight major forms: Ward-Off, Roll-Back, Press, Push, Roll-Pull, Split, Lean Forward and Elbow.

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